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are in place in baltimore city. >> only emergency personnel are permitted on the road. we're going to check on the latest on the storm with tom tasselmyer. >> the center is rapidly approaching new jersey. 90-mile an hour wind is still estimated. it has not lost street. it is maintaining tropical characteristics right up to landfall. the forecast traffic is expected to take the storm system through the delaware bay through northern maryland to the mountains. whatever is left is coming our way in the next six to 12 hours. rainfall has been substantial and is likely to get heavier. you see these spiraling bands pushing back. they are all the way into ohio. to the self in critical there has wrapped in, the rain -- to the south, the rain has changed to snow. i want to zoom in closer and change the perspective. dovergoing to put on the radar. display. the wind this is how we find tornadoes in the atmosphere. blue is wind coming in to the radar site. red is blowing in this direction. you get a feel for the counter clockwise circulation. the wind speeds are substantial with the storm coming onshore
. this is the same concern we're seeing around baltimore city. so many leaves have yet to fall . temperatures in the low 40's. the wind out of the south. that is what we're dealing with today. things are getting better in ocean city. the wind is gusting up about 60 miles per hour. >> so much better this morning. kim dacey is in annapolis. how are things looking this morning? >> it is a lot better today. things have really eased up. we have a steady rain falling. nothing like we were seeing like yesterday. i spoke to the emergency management folks. crews have been out since about midnight, looking for any kind of damage. there will be an update around 6:00 a.m. we saw some localized flooding and some standing water on the roadways. it still continues to rain here. the shelter is still open. 50 people and pets are there. and the call center is still open if you need to call for assistance. they can give you transportation to the shelter. high tide is expected around 5:45 this morning. they are watching the high tide this morning. it will's any flooding, happen between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. th
a local activists called for the jobs of three baltimore city police officers who they say murdered a suspect in their custody. police encountered anthony anderson on a vacant lot making a drug deal. the three officers said he tried to swallow the drugs when they moved in to arrest him. the medical examiner's report listed his death as a homicide by blunt force trauma and his family wants justice. >> he was handcuffed and suffering and he died. we want these officers fired. we want them arrested and we want them convicted. if it was a normal citizen that committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> the head of the police union says anderson's injuries are consistent with a standard take down maneuver used to arrest a suspect who may be armed. the officers involved have been suspended. baltimore city police tell 17- year-old student is now charged as an adult. officers arrested the boy thursday after he reportedly stabbed another star -- student during a monday morning fight. the victim was taken to johns hopkins and the charges include attempted first-degree murder. two men are
continuing into the afternoon. as we look at hd doppler, still heavier bouts of rain north of baltimore city. . another store north of gaithersburg that could move back into the metro area. 3:03 p.m., that is your best chance to see showers and even thunderstorms. temperatures will be in the low 70's. towards 9:00, the rain chances decrease significantly, but there are still chances tonight. we will talk about that and the seven day when we come back. >> a baltimore city police officer was rushed to shock trauma after an accident this morning. we are told he was driving his department issued motorcycle and was on his way to the training facility when he lost control and hit the wall. the officer is in good condition. 10 years ago, two snipers struck fear in the hearts of maryland residents. the shootings spark a three week search for the killers that in the end of 10 lives. >> the shootings terrorize the washington, d.c. area. over 21 days, two men shot 13 people, killing 10 of them. lee malvo was just a teenager at the time. he was sentenced to life in prison because the jurors believed he
it for next year, you do have to apply. members of the baltimore city council want to make sure everyone knows about it could the council says 25,000 households in baltimore city are receiving the credit today, but have not applied to receive its in 2013. the council believes that many who have not applied our senior residents of the city and they want to make sure that no one misses out. >> baltimore city limits the increase in your property taxes to know more than 4% from one year to the other. the average savings in baltimore city households that is in this program is $1060. >> we don't want people to miss out on that money, leaving that money on the table for the state or whoever else wants to claim it. >> it could mean a substantial increase in the mammoth tax is that you pay without the tax credit. >> again, the deadline is december 31. new year's eve 2012. you can only get applications from the state and all maryland homeowners are eligible to apply. we want to give you the phone number so you can get the information. 1-866-650-8783. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the national weather
, hamdon, beneath the jfx, baltimore cities we will have a live report from sherrie johnson and on the left, new york city, moments ago, president barack obama has announced a disaster area declaration for new york and long island. >> we will cover both of those communities. what are we in store for today? >>> the worst -- >> woe, woe. >> we got rains we got lots of rain yesterday, we are going to get lots of rain today. we will see some of that today as well. i can't say the wore is over. all i can say is sandy made landfall. it could stall out for a bit and begin to move off towards the north. todays we are going to see hefty winds and alplenty of rain. we can see that behind me as we look at mailed's most powerful radar, the heavy rain along i-9 a, i-270, you don't need to travel today. keep it on the indoors and make sure the roads are clean and cheer as we check out what is going on with the winds, the current winds, similar to yesterday. sustained winds at 20 miles an hour, 18 miles an hour, 6 halvety grace. we are gusting higher than that. we are talking about wind gusts, tropical st
alternate routes. there are several accidents working right now. we do have some trouble in baltimore city where there's a crash right on wabash avenue right at northern parkway, and then another accident on hilton parkway at north avenue. for those of you traveling on the beltway, here's a live look right now at the west side at liberty road. traffic moving right along. there are no delays on the inner loop through pikesville. the outer loop nice and clear down towards 95. and this is what 95 looks like downtown, traffic moving right along here at 395. the roads still going to be pretty wet, so take some precaution as you do head out, and unfortunately, we do have another crash to tell you about in howard county, it's right along the eastbound lanes of route 32 at route 1. megan and charley, over to you. >>> bge is working feverishly to restore power to everyone. >> dozens of schools, they still don't have any service, so there are some closures that happened not only overnight, but early this morning. so abc 2 news education reporter sherree johnson is at our live desk this morning with
live coverage as maryland prepares for sandy's arrival. we're live in baltimore city. we will begin our coverage right here. >> i will give you the wide view and the close of view. we have good and bad news in boast -- both respects. the center of the storm, the white bob, on the right hand of your screen -- you noticed that it is a parallel to the chesapeake bay. that is the mouth of chesapeake, that is the center of the storm. yesterday, we thought it would go in this direction. it looks like that will not be the case. we will miss the worst-case scenario here in maryland. we still think it will come on shore somewhere in the southern part of new jersey later on today. the bad news is that the storm is getting stronger. the winds are 85 miles per hour. it will get even stronger before it makes landfall in new jersey later today. around baltimore, the big story this morning is the ring, not necessarily the route -- the wind. the rain has been coming down at about an inch, inch and a half per hour. we will zoom in and see what is happening in some of the rainfall areas. switchback over
the information you should know. >> the deadline -- margaret is a baltimore city homeowner but she has no idea about the homestead tax credit and the fact that currently saves her a lot of money on her property taxes. >> i never heard of this. not at all. >> board has until december 31 to fill out an application so she will continue to receive her credit. baltimore city council members say she is not the only one in danger of missing out. >> baltimore city, there are 25,000 people, households which are receiving homestead tax credits today that have not yet applied to receive them in the future. correct the homestead tax credit establishes a cap on how much property owners taxes can increase from year to year in the state of maryland. in baltimore city, for example, the cap has been set at 4% and has been automatic, but accusations of fraud sparked the legislature to change the rules. now all homeowners must apply for the credit. ever savings in baltimore city is $1,060. >> if you are a pastor a church or a teacher at school, send this message out. make sure that your congregation, that your p
. >> and i am mindy basara. >> we will have more of our team coverage of hurricane sandy from baltimore city to the eastern shore. let's get a check on how the roads and bridges are doing. sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> good morning to you, stan and mindy. if you have to be out on the roads, once again, as we've been saying all morning, we discourage you from being out there because -- the conditions continue to get worse. northbound 97 in 100, our latest accident in the glen burnie area. speaking of closures come in the intersection in the city, monument and pulaski highway, aliceanna and carolyn, falls road and north avenue, all of these intersection are closed in advance of the storm. lamarr street and 10th street, watch for an accident. let's give you a live view of traffic and an update on some of our cameras around big area. 97 north and 100, 95 and 395, a lot more cars than we saw last record volume continues to build even though the schools are out. we did not expect to see as much volume as we're seeing here. seeing pooling on the roads. keep those speeds down as you travel
&punreported tt baltimore city pplice. inntead an in-house referrals were written up. (stokes) 23:13:57 i caa't figure out exactly why o mann agencies don't ant to be trasparent. besides councilman carl stokes... there s alss concern froo the presidenttof tte school police union.(joy and unioo)1:31:00 when you look at tte number of weapons the reports handled internally it's almost double what was repootee to police. ok... that's a connern that'' a concern smiles. out of the handleddwith an in-houseee - referall... most involved recovered on sccool grounds but were never doccmented with a police report. union) p:34:04 iiwould say the in-house reporting is on the rise. i would say it'' n the rise and again who is responsible for that??upper level managemmnt upper level management. when a police report is generated by sccool ppliie... hat eport is thenn forwardee to the baltimore ttat are turned ovee to tte f-b-i every year. the federal government then compiles hose pumbers to show whhther crime has risen or dropped in a particular ity. (stokee) 23:13:51 i don't thi
baltimore city police on september 21.the medical examiner ays he suffered bboken ribs... a ruptured spleenn.. and a head injury. caught anderson in a drug deal &pand thatthe choked on drugs.. &pbbt the autopsy report ruled thattout.witnesses... including ndeeson's mother... say officers beet the 46-yearrold man to ddath ong east biidle street and montford avenue. (mr. gordon/atty) ""and thhre was o ouuce of shamm or contrition in the eyes, thoughts, minds or hearts of these officers who engaged in ttis savage attack."(ms. harvey) "we don't have a problem with the baltimore city police deparrment. we have aaproblem with officers thht thake their job.. think they above the law." law."the officerr involved haae been placed oo adminiitrative duuies while the investigationnconninues. ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether charges will bb filed.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. policc are lookinggfor an esccped inmate, this morning. we're told the man escaped around 7 o 'clock tuesday night... from the northeast district police station... near morgan state universityy tte
the baltimore city police officers are on suspension after the death of a man in police custody. the medical examiner determined that anthony anderson died of blunt force trauma. his family is calling for murder charges against the police officers who arrested him shortly before he died. we are live a police headquarters with the latest. >> the autopsy concluded that anthony anderson died a violent death, suffering blunt force trauma including broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. his death was ruled a homicide which technically means death at the hands of another person. local activists and relatives of anthony anderson rallied to call for murder charges against three police officers who arrested him on the timber 21st. >> we are calling for murder charges. we are calling for these officers to be fired. an end to their paid vacation at the taxpayers' expense. >> anthony anderson and counted the officers on this make it lot. detectives assigned to the violent crime section reported they moved in to arrest him after they caught him in a drug deal. >> the observed with the expected -- suspected t
and west of baltimore city, some accidents have been cleared. it's bad out this. >> that is where you are seeing is falling this morning and in sliding towards baltimore, as you are driving around baltimore, bel air, don't be surprised if you see a couple of sprinkles out there. it doesn't pick up on the radar, the droplets are too small to handle. zooming in across the area, light showers and sprinkles towards the west of towson, and the east of towson. the heavier rain is back towards the west, we can see it around walkersville, frederick, i-70, damp this morning. it's wet out there, moderate to heavier rain falling down in virginia, middleburg, ashburg, hay market, i-66, this will push in to montgomery county, they are definitely in the line of fire of the showers that are going to work in through this morning, off and on showers throughout the day. temperature 63 degrees, millersville. where we are seeing the rain showers, temperatures are cooler this morning. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, patchy fog and accidents. >>> good morning, as
in baltimore city. if you choose to vote early, you can cast your ballot at any site in your jurisdiction. for more on commitment 20 gulf coverage, go to our website, wbaltv.com. >> it was an intense mourning at owings mills high school after a student was seen carrying a firearm. it was later identified as a a b b a gun. lowell melser or as the outcome of that situation. >> police say they have a 17- year-old male student from owings mills high school in custody. police say he brought a be be done on to the school campus. -- he brought a bb gun to school. some parents are upset because they said the school never told them about the incident. tense moments at around 10:00 a.m. after baltimore county officers were sent to the school after a call that a student had some sort of weapon. >> the student is all the other person with a gun did exactly what we would want them to do. he reported it very broadly to the school administrators. they then did exactly what they were supposed to do. they locked down the school and contacted the police immediately by calling 911. >> a concern parent was a
to hospital where he is currently listed in serious but stable condition. >> baltimore city police are searching for a man is a sexually assaulted a student on the notre dom of maryland campus. jennifer is live. when did this happen? >> police say they were notified about this monday night after the victim checked herself into an area hospital. according to campus police, the 19-year-old victim was leaving a library shared by notra dame and loyola aversive of someone attacked her. she was approached from behind by an unknown man. he grabbed her, sexually assault her then ran from the scene. campus police say security is always an issue but -- >> we have increased our patrols make sure our officers are visible and present. >> police are working with a brief description of the suspect. he is described as a caucasian male. perhaps in his mid 40's. medium build. facial hair. wearing dark clothing. anyone with an intermission is asked to call baltimore police. >> baltimore county police are investigating and sexual assault involving two 30-year old girls a dedicated zero. the victims' a
of animal abuse in baltimore city. >> and left to die inside an abandoned home. in the newsroom with "abc news" tonight. >> that dog survived a six- month-old pit bull tied up. we have to warn you that the video is very disturbing. the people at the barts animal shelter wanted us to show it because the case is disturbing as well. >>> animal control officers brought her to the bart shelter today, where workers named her molly. >> i walked out and saw her to do her intake. i immediately started crying. >> there are fresh bite wounds and all of them deep infected. >> ap here, her ears, ripped in half. >> there's also skin missing on both of the dog's sides with infection causing the area to budge out. it's better than 50% chance molly will survive. >> the severity of the infection that spread. she's losing layers of skin. >> and lisa will be molly's foster caretaker for now. >> and the dog needs antiobiotics, clean her wounds and rest. >> we are not sure whether she will be able to keep it or not but we will try. >> the dog was found here on the appan donned home -- abandoned home. a a contr
and west bound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new this morning, baltimore city police investigating a late night shooting in east baltimore. happened after a 11:00 p.m. near north carolina's streets. the victim was taken to hospital with unknown injuries. city police also investigating a shooting in south baltimore. officers saying the victim suffered from a gunshot wound in cherry hill. police still looking for information on both shootings. >> meanwhile, police are looking for three men they say are responsible for two armed robberies two minutes apart. >> that happened early wednesday morning. that is where jennifer franciotti is live this morning. with three know about these robberies? >> please do have descriptions of the suspects and sale least two of them have guns. the earliest in the morning when police were called to this area of roland park for reports. two people had been involved in separate incidents of our robbery and abduction. the purse top of around 2:00 a.m., a 41 year-old woman was approached by three male suspects, they say she forced her at gunpoi
months..../ more than city schools...//. crimes... that... were not reported... to... baltimore an... in-house referrals &pp..wass.. written up....// an... internal form ...that can keepp...crime numbers loo... aa... well key indicator... used to iiennify... persistantly... dangerous schools... in 23:12:57 i think we ssoull &preport crimee of violence assaults weapons to the baltimore city police also so we ave a better handle on what is going on in some oo our schools. :10 :100 the director ...of... safety for baltimore city schools ...says... / crime... s not... beiig... coverrd up... by the use... of... in-house referrals..../// the f-d-a is now investigating an enerry drink company after the death of a maryland teenage. teenager.mmnster neegy is yeaa- old anais fournier of hagerstown.she drank two 24- ounce drinks, but also ad a heart condition.a spokesperson are unaware of any deaths ey related to theirrdrinks.the f-d-a is inveetigating the possibility the drink could be linked to five other deaths. mike gimbel, substance abusee &peducator: 4.45 "there are h
license. >> new tonight, a sergeant and officer in the baltimore city police department both face assault charges. they allegedly assaulting a man in an east baltimore home after he was suspected of drug activity. the charges were filed after a yearlong investigation conducted by the internal investigation unit. jurors have gone home for the night in the trial of two police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student during a rowdy celebration, after maryland beat duke in a basketball game. lowell melser was in the courtroom and has the latest for us, live from upper marlboro. >> the trial continued today with the second accused officer taking the stand. perhaps the most interesting if permission revealed today came from the judge presiding over the case. according to sources, a reporter asked a question about previous relationship she had. the source says that judge beverly woodard told of the attorneys involved behind closed doors that not only was she previously married to prince george's county police officer, but that that officer had been convicted of using excessiv
. back to you. knew to tim tuten in baltimore city. >> good morning. conditions are similar here at the giant food store on 41st street and falls road. this is really the only place you should go if you have to and that is out to get more supplies. i noticed someone this morning driving in. you better believe the stores are open right here in there location in particular. the rain in baltimore city has been pretty steady for the most part. little wind. the schools are closed in bullet city and the mayor as late as last week began to lay out the plan. get an emergency kit to make sure you are prepared to ride out the storm. doesn't sound like there is much going on. don't go out unless you have to. but there is store is open and employees have been here pretty night making sure that you have the supplies and what you could need for the days ahead. we will check in with traffic with sarah caldwell back at the studio. people shouldn't be out here. >> exactly. there is no need to be out there. of course, if you have gotten your groceries and everything and the schools are closed, tha
across the country. what baltimore city schools are doing to keep kids in the classroom. details on that straight ahead on this monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charley crowson is live at the yard. that was surprising because it's a late night game but it is chilly. loren is here with a look at traffic. the yard is always crazy any time there is a game. >> it's going be so congested tonight. i think the orioless can do it. i think so. how is the weather going to be? a lot of people were buying the ponchos last night. >>> we could see rain showers in the forecast. a raw day like yesterday with the temperatures staying in the 50s all day. yesterday 53, i'm forecasting 57 for today. a little warmer but below average, we do have a very chilly start this morning. 40 degrees now the aberdeen. the dew point coming in at 40 as well. we have patchy fog out. there take it easy as you head out and about this morning. churchville, more of the same, temperature at 40 degrees, dew point 40. the winds are light and variable as we head throughout the day. now the sout
? >> right now, the baltimore city health committee is meeting to discuss changing the way it inspects food facilities by assigning grades that would be in full view of patrons. lowell melser joins us with more on that. >> you may have seen in places like los angeles where you walk into an establishment and there is a sign there that tells you how clean the establishment is you are walking into. now baltimore city, there is a council that once to bring the idea here. the lunch rush is in full swing. not much has changed since the owner's family of any place in the late 1940's. when asked about a new proposal to assign grades concerning health inspections, he told us why change a system that already works? >> the health department does their job. is the place should be closed down, it is close down. i do not see what the grades really mean in reality. >> the bottom line is the citizens deserve to know the conditions of the places where they eat the thing right now, they cannot do that. >> the idea comes from councilmen -- cancel man -- councilman ran and scott. he got the idea from restauran
with an accident along the northbound lanes at route 2. once we get in to baltimore city, we are dealing with another accident, doing to be on frank first at handover street. if you are using 95 this morning, here is a live look downtown at 395, everything will be up to speed, no problems right now getting through the fort mc henry. harborill be nice and clear. here is what the west side looks like, liberty road. it will be a nice ride towards 95 or if you are traveling inner loop, pikesville. >>> coming up, doctors at johns hopkins considered a mind blowing medical procedure, giving a woman the ability to hear once again. a woman comes face to face with a black bear. finds out what she does to try to get the animal off the frontch porch. details when good morning maryland continues. wççÑçÑ >>> if you bought an iphone you may have noticed a glitch. a bug causes it to use a major amount of cell data and it happens when the phone is plugged in to a wi-fi network. it's been a problem for verizon users and possibly at&t. >>> police officer in philly is in serious trouble, what he was ca
point where the 3 tonight.helping out the mayor is fells point where streaming hour.baltimore city at also s h. undeeway in preparatioos are &pstorm pational guard. underway in baltiiore city at hour.hour..- thh... storm... &p may... be... days away... from our area... / &p may... be... days away... from our area... / but... & of ... the... caribbean and florida..../ myrandd.... sttphenn ..is heee ...with look... at the daaage... soo far. leaving behind a path of destruction in parts of the caribbean... and the death toll continues to climb as it makes its way toward the eass 3 officialsssay the hurricane is nowwto blamm for at least 38-deaths ... as it moved over haiti, jamaica and cuba earlier this week. in jamaica... about 70-percent of customers are without power... after he ferocious storm wiped out trees nd powwr in cuba....the hurricane battered the region wwth 110- mile per hour winds and torrentiil rain. it's images pike these that have folkk in florida bracing for the worst. rrugh wavesshave already star
. there will be additional police on patrol. baltimore city emergency planners are going through a similar check list. >> to see if there is an additional outreach that needs to be done to make sure everything is lined job. >> gov. martin o'malley has already signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency. this provides the authority to do a number of things, including activating the maryland national guard. >> we make sure the communications equipment is ready. we're the utility hitter for maryland to and the citizens. >> bge crews are marshaling for action as well. they spent the day stocking their vehicles. they have already reached out to counterparts in other states for help. >> we have a commitment of between 508 hundred from as far away as new mexico and louisiana, -- 500 and 800 from as far away as mexico and louisiana and georgia. the goal is to have as many as she can have in place before the storm hits. >> the governor is concerned that early voting could be impacted by the storm. it starts tomorrow and last six days. the declaration he signed earlier today gives them the authori
aaderson died after a confrontation with baltimore city police september 21....... according to the autoppy blunt-force injury. he suffeeed from broken ribs a also a head injury.. a re wass hemorrage to his left temporal. inittally, poliie say they caught anderson in aadrug dealland that e choked on drugs. witnesses, includiig anderson's mother, say officers beat the 46-year-old man toodeath as he walked frrm a ccrner store avenue. mootford - - 3 "tony suffered on that ot. &phe was haadcuffed and want the officers fired. we 3 the city ssate's attorney's th - office and police continues tonight. then ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether charges will be filed. meanwhile, he officers involved have been placee on administrative duties while the investigation conninuus. live at city police headquarters, keith edition. fox 45 news, late 3 we areetracking breaking news tonight out... of... northeast baltimore... company around eight this evening near the campus of morgan state universitt.a... prisoner... the.. nearby... nortteast distric
point overnight. this water came over across the guard rail. we are here in baltimore city. concerns about the weather. you can see leaves along the roadway. the shelters remained open. this is always a spot -- it is still raging. it is continuing to rain and is a lot cooler. i put on another layer. live along the banks of the jones falls, back to you guys. >> a major problem today will be the roads. >> some wires are down. sarah call has been tracking the road situation -- sarah caldwell has been tracking the road situation. >> there is a travel restriction. a few things to watch for. to breed will be a big issue as well as flooding -- debris will be a big issue as well as flooding. let's take a look at some maps. there is some flooding near belcamp. we have some closures in elkridge along 103. 176 and central avenue in the glen burnie area. let's take a look at a graphics. no service on mta, mark, or metro -- marc or metro. the bay bridge is still closed. we have some live cameras. the roads will continue to be wet. sal f. down route 13 is still closed along with eastbound 50 in oc
. baltimore city police say that two officers tried to break up an altercation on the sidelines. the officers requested back up. they tried to separate the two teams. lawrence wilkens, known as a volunteer, pushed and shoved staff members and punched a been franklin player in the head, though he was wearing a helmet at the time. one shot was taken to the hospital. police spoke with the parents of another student who claims their job was punched in the face by wilkins. he faces several charges, including three counts of second-degree assault. >> 41 suspected gang members and drug dealers are off the streets following a massive wiretap investigation in harford county. look at what the county sheriff's office was able to seize as part of the investigation. cocaine, marijuana, heroin with a combined street value of $680,000. that is on top of 118th thousand dollars in cash. -- $118,000 in cash. 29-year-old justin gorham is behind bars and charged with kidnapping, assault, and use of a firearm. according to police, he was in an argument over $2,000. we are told the fight escalated and gorham put t
for of baltimore's casino address concerns today before baltimore city council members. they discussed licensing, development, construction, and the ultimate opening of the harrah's baltimore casino. >> we have been clear since the day we got the license in july that we are building a facility here. what our discussion is about is how do we make the facility even better? it is going to be a regional facility and we can make it a world-class facility. >> casino operator said they plan to hire 1200 workers, and if table games are allowed, they will hire an additional 500 people. local residents will be considered first for the jobs. when asked about concerns over revenue would go, they said they could not answer, adding at is the state's responsibility. >> tuesday 9:00 p.m. is the deadline to register to vote in this year's presidential election. you can also register online. the process is quite short and the elections director says it could help to boost the number of registered voters. >> we have seen over the last month or so an increase in voter registration. as time goes on, we will be able
head out today. this is another disturbing case of abuse that happened in baltimore city. control officers brought in a six month old pit bull puppy and into the bark shelter and south baltimore. they named the puppy molly and bite wounds on the face, paws and they are deep and infected and skin missing from both sides of the body causing the areas to bulge out. now there is a chance that molly is going to survive her injuries. the dog was found in an abandoned home which is not far from the shopping center. a contractor found the dog tied up in the basement. >> i get upset thinking about it, i don't know how someone can do that to a dog. >> we have more video of molly, it is posted at www.abc2news.com. officials are hoping that someone will see the story and feel compelled to come forward with information. >>> other stories this morning, not guilty, that's how a judge found the adults facing charges related to a crash on route 50. four people and three teens re debby and josh were franco were accused of giving them alcohol. statement from witnesses and police on the scene of the
siggature... baltimore city delegate jill carter is also a defense attorney. 15::8:24 the issue is do the police officers havv tiie to cause and the answer i would - too busy to do that they're rr too usy then o ensure that there is going to be integrity in the process and be whileeno onee... not even the district court chief judge.... will say on hee record wwat prompted this change.... i canntell yyu... one case.... here a least baltimore city police offiier admittted to skirttng the law... by having another officer sign off on his lepola fox 45 news at en. a... woman... is shot and killed....in... northwest baltimore....overnngh/ happened around 10 p-m... on... fair-lawn avenue... &p near... reisterstown road...///.police .. say... she wassshot in the head.. / and... no other details are available. police... havv now released pew surreillance video... of... ... bar fight... that ...has left... one man dead..../// it... happened ...last month... at the crossroads ... station bar.../ neer... pratt street...///. ake... p a... close look... mann...
. an the baltimore city state's attorney's office.no word on what ppompted a change. many officers didn't want to talk to us on camera about this.but... our invessigative case... where a city officer admitted o skirting the law... by having another officer siin his tatement of charges. i'm megan gilliland, fox45 orning news. more problems for thh newly released iphone 5. 5.this time withhthe camera. piccures taken facing a light "flare" in them.apple says chhnge thh compooition of your picture.but this problemm doesn'' seem to appear n older iphones.plus, the screen appears to flicker on some phones when the keyboard launcces..o comment from apple yet on that one. coming up on the early &peditioo... an extremely- disliked pest... akes a big co. comeback.the major stinkbug infestation that's hitting most of america.. 3 ((break 1)) 3 stinkbugs are making a comeback in 38 states... including here in maryllnd. according tt scientists... the pwrst infestation is in tte mid-atlantic region. region.they say the rrse is due to loog periods of sustained hot weather over the insect's natural preda
at five..3 p3 3 &pp3 p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 a baltimore city police officer under nvestigation for his... suspected of a 13-year-old irl... is cleared of any wrongdoing. just released by the city s - sttte's attorney's offfce. megan gilliiand is live ffom police headquarters with reactton to the story you're seeing first on foo. good morning guys,in a juut released staaement... prosecutorr say officer johnn ward... from the easternn district... will not face criminal charges... because of insufficent evidence. evidence.ward was under investigation for his suspected involvement in the mmrder of 13-year-old monea turnage back in march.two young boys... ages 12 and 13... admitted o killing turnage.but ward... was suspended when policeefound trunk of his car.sources say e ward was dating the mother of one of those boys... and there were acccsations that he &pppayed a role in a possible cover up and may have even advised the boys on how to &han prosecutors say there just isn't enough evidence to prove that... a ddcision that turnage's family sn't happy with. (wright) "to me, i'm suspici
of the baltimore city council committee want more. >> this is a work session, not a hearing. >> after a year, the debate continues. the council man hopes to end the battle. he thinks the stringent conditions would ease the complaints of neighbors about trash and a loud noise while letting the business owner linda brown meeting her business in the northeast baltimore community. >> i do not want this to continue ad nauseam. >> she wants to continue what she has always had since 2004. when she purchased the property from the american legion. she still wants to hold the same nice event, family oriented events. >> members of the city council's land use and transportation committees are questioning proposed conditions. >> we need specifics on how the parking is going to resolve things, how the security guard is going to help resolve. all of this related in keeping it under the uniform title of banquet hall facility. >> if it does not prohibit the use of motors, that affected the what you have done is turn a banquet hall into a nightclub. >> the maximum capacity is 200 people. of street parking for
. >> baltimore city may have an ulterior motive when it comes to the orioles' winning on friday night. when they have more tourists in town, they tend to issue more speeding tickets, red light camera tickets, and parking tickets. gosh we are more than happy for them to get their tickets and pay all their money in baltimore. >> we will check with our colleagues in arlington, texas. following tampa bay. and what is it like there? >> bottom-line, right now, the team has made it to the post- season. he is their first trip to the playoffs. at a packed house, getting ready for the game. they are on the field, they have worked out a nice rest. everyone is ample up. it remains a remarkable story with so many people around the country expecting the orioles to lose. for them, that is extra motivation. nothing wrong with that. >> where are the competitors. whatever is written, we try to go out there every day and say that this is what we have got to do. >> i don't think that we want to rest on what we have done by any means. we still feel like we have a lot of work to do but it starts right here. >> h
the northern part of the state with the freeze warning out through 9:00 a.m. and from baltimore city south to anne arundel county and prince george's county, a concern of frost. if you're up and have plants outdoors, bring them inside or cover them up to protect them from the cold this morning. one of the reasons why we are able to see the frost this morning is the light wind. calm winds to our north in parkton, only 5 miles per hour downtown and at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. lighter the winds, the colder is gets and the easier it is for the frost form. that is making for a chilly start for the marathon this morning, for everyone heading to the baltimore running festival, we expect temperatures in the mid 40's for the start of the race. by 10:00 a.m., 52 degrees and lunch time, 59, still with a lot of sunshine. we start the day with light northeast winds, more variable the middle half of the race and towards the end turn southeast. not as strong winds as last year's race. the runners will warm up more easily. the forecast today around baltimore, highs in the you were 50's to low 60's, a chi
sot rollccu: "and the yankees expect the battle to continue." & baltimore... city hall... makes... no bones... about who... they're supporttng... in he playoffs... this week.//:03 nat/ mayor... stephanie rawlingg- blake... and... the orioll bird... unveiled a sign... this morning... wishing the orioles lucc...///.it... hangs... frrm the steps teem... handed . - out... a thousand ...free hats to... downtown worrers... at this morning's pep rally. mayor ssephanie rawlings-bllke: "what this day is about is seedingga to let them know that we are - behind them all the way!" pf ouu town. they're not big, - they're nnt ritzy, they're ot shiny. they're gritty guys. they plly harr. they play toget" mayor told... - rawlings-blake... does ánot... have any bet... with... ew yyrk mayor... &pmichael bloomberg... on the series.../.though, ... she says... she is confiddnt... the birds can win innthe bronx. a... fox 45... investigation... uncovvrs ...how a couppe... who donated ..thhir car ...to a iss.. now being accused ...of... breaking the law..../ law.
in baltimore city. the rain is starting to come down. we will continue to monitor things. >> thank you. >> the use of 911 versus 311. the mayor had reminded people that 3 chondroitin 11 is up and running. -- 311 is up and running. >> and they were talking about preferring to use texting. a lot of times, you cannot get a takes a lot, but it less power and a lot less space, i suppose, to send a text, so if you can do that, do that instead of a phone call. on the way to work this afternoon, in this era of texting and cell phones, in order to conserve energy in the event that we lose power, turned the brightness down. make sure you close out the phone soons on your you can have your cell phone ready. if you need to call, you will not be able to plug-in because you have lost power. that is a way to conserve energy on your cell phone. >> our live and continuing coverage of hurricane city continues in just a moment. do not go anywhere -- of >> and the time right now is about 6:40. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the hurricane. thank you for staying with us. we will check in with ou
shoot a man in east baltimore and abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live this morning, outside of city police headquarters. what can you tell us about the condition of those involved right now? >> reporter: i had a chance to call city police and we're trying to get more information on that. all we know right now is that one person was taken to the hospital and still no word on that person's condition but basically we just left the scene a few moments ago. take a look at this video that we shot here. basically, this all happened about 12:30 last night. you know, it all happened in the 1500 block of east landville street. this is actually near the oliver neighborhood a few blocks east of green mount cemetery. now according to the baltimore city police twitter feed police say the person who was shot was taken to the hospital. again we don't know the person's condition right now. and the police officer was not injured in this case. now officers are releasing few details at this time but there will be a media briefing later this morning. hopefully releasing more details about what exactly h
to what baltimore city police originally said. now, this medical report says that he died from fractured ribs, internal bleeding and also a ruptured spleen. now, three baltimore city police officers have been put on paid leave. this incident happened on september 21st. anderson's family says he came out of a bar on east bitle street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter and 2- year-old granddaughter were there. initially police said anderson tried to swallow drugs. police would not speak on camera, but they confirmed drugs were not a factor in anderson's death. >> it was told to us that they laughed, they thought it was funny, and when we was telling them that tony was complaining, suffering of hurting, that they said he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail and that's not true. >>reporter: now, there's no word yet if the unnamed officers will be charged in this case, but the family's attorney says that he plans to file a civil lawsuit. now, community activists also are waiting to see if charges are filed against these officers. if not, they plan to
in the area. route 40 now going to be shut down at rogers avenue. and several roads in baltimore city are now shut down in anticipation of heavy flooding. this includes meadow mills business park and alsanna at carolina streets falls road near the streetcar museum and dundalk north point boulevard at cane street. that's your traffic. now over to you. >>> hurricane snd sand -- sandy is affecting air travel in and out of bwi. >> linda so is live in ann aid run -- anne arundel county with more on the cans layings and delays. you've been pounded by wind throughout the morning has it picked oup. >> reporter: it has. we have been out here since 3 and i can feel the wind and rain getting stronger and heavier. just a minute ago i saw a plane take off at bwi and we are near the airport. and right at the end of the park lot is one of the -- parking lot is one the main runways but that's not going to happen a who. we checked the boards here and they have -- a lot today. we checked the boards here and they have canceled 200 flights in and out of the airport. if you have someone coming in today or if you
unless you have to, but this rain is picking up in baltimore city and i think that we're going to see it continue throughout the morning. just an idea as you look behind me you can see that the rain is coming down much more steadily than when we pulled out here about 4:00 this morning. we will keep you posted here. same applies to residents in baltimore city as any other place in terms of being alert, being able to have an emergency kit. just preparing for the worst. back to the studio. >> rob gold from b.g.e. is with us again. we have some outages. >> they are scattered. we saw the numbers go up and down overnight. we had one in lawmaker and restored in. in the hass half hour it -- past half hour it jumped from 100 to 700. we will be in the community and what customers will see is there will be times they will see a bucket truck or a car with a meter reader sign on it that is not a meter reader but they are patrollers. if they are behind a wall or in a community area, they are there for safety. we are putting them in the community as opposed to bringing them back to safe harbor becau
. >> an hour prior to this fire, the was another one and of the southeast portion of baltimore city and two firefighters were seriously injured. talk about that fire. >> just after 1:00 this morning our firefighters at the the the first battalion responded to a report of a house fire. they got inside. would to attack the fire. it overtook them. a may date was sounded immediately. firefighters suffered burns -- second and third degree burns to his face and hands. they both were rescued. treated at the scene and transported to baby burn center. the fire lt. is listed in serious condition and the firefighter in stable condition. >> let's get back to this fire. this is less than half a mile away from the fire at the park view complex. that was caused by a molotov cocktail. any idea whether this could be connected? >> it is difficult to say but there are no details or eyewitness accounts or any other information we have to suggest this may have been the same. however, it cannot be ruled out. we have our fire investigators and police detectives perform preliminary investigations and allow their f
... a baltimore city police offfcer is being rushed to shock trauma... after being injured in a crash on i-795. i-795.police say it happened in the owings mills area... aad hat the officer was part of a tractor trailer escort... it's unclear at this time what caused the accident.we have a ccew on the wwy... and will bring ou theelatest aa we learn more. aaso at this hour... a 1-carr crash sends one person o shock trauma.police say a car traveling eastbound on frederick avenue hit a utility pole... trapping the peson inside.this is the picture sent to us... by baltimore city fire.the victim is beeieved to have non-life &pthreatening injuries.a finds the driver may have lost control f the car because f dangerous road condittins. today marks ten years... since thh first beltwayysniper shooti. phooting.for three weeks in october of 2002... john allen muhammad and lle boyd malvo terrorized our region.now after all oo these years... malvo is speaking out. out.tom rodgers is here with more on what he is admitting plus yourrother op stories of the orning. in a rare and chillingg rison inteeview...
see traffic just starting to jam and pick up. in baltimore city we have a crash on keith avenue at new vail street as well as fire on fleet street affecting traffic between broadway and register street. a live look now at the northwest side of 695 and old court road that outer loop extremely slow. that will continue as you make the drive down to route 40. fortunately therefore no problems -- there are no problems on the beltway from parkville to towson. the jeff going to be nice and clear. just that typical 11 minute ride right now to east fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> 6:33 right now. and here's some news you probably don't want to hear. you may soon be paying more to keep your lights on. the glove nor is proposing a dollar or two added to your monthly electric bill. you may remember back in july, tens of thousands of people they were without power for days, so governor o'malley he put together a task force and this is to come up with ways to deal with the utility companies to better serve their customer. >> most of us
are closed this morning because of those power outages. we'll start with baltimore city schools, closed. the district office is open and essential staff must report to work. baltimore city schools actually hopes to reopen tomorrow. hartford county schools are closed. 18 baltimore county schools are closed, 17 anne arundel county schools are closed. all other schools will open two hours late for students and staff. 10 howard county schools are closed, one school is closed in cecil county. and you can head to our website at abc2news.com for a complete list of those schools that are closed. that story is actually in the slide show. and the parents can also sign up for school closings with e- mail alerts. all you have to do is click on the weather tab here and then head over to closings. and that'll give you a whole entire list of those closings. and then you can just sign that form and have them e-mailed to you. we'll continue to update this list. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. >>> in democracy 2012 coverage this morning, early voting will resume across most of maryland. because of sandy, th
widespread flooding. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> you remember when isabelle hit in baltimore city, there was a lot of flooding . that's where the condition is with sandy on the way and flooding in fells point and downtown. >> they are prepping. brian kuebler is live in fells point where they are starting to fill the sand bags. >> reporter: we know one of the most vulnerable parts of the city during storms is right here in fells point. it's why the city dutched a pile of sand at the pier for residents and businesses to get sandbags. workers are giving away six bags peperson and checking ids to keep track of that. it will go on until 9:00 and do so until 9:00 tomorrow night. they want folks to be ready because this storm could have a quote isabelle-type storm surge. a possibility many business open rs down here are well aware -- owners down here are well aware of. >> we have the tv channels and looking at the models. it doesn't look good. >> what goes through your mind? >> a lot of prayers. >> reporter: now, in an hour, the city will open two more locations like this one, is sand di
in hurricane sandy, ava marie. >> thank you, ava. baltimore city officials are preparing for the storm, meeting now with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. franciotti joins us live with more. >> we're here at the emergency operations center in baltimore city on colvert street. this is a war room where the heads of every city agency are briefing the mayor on the current situation of hurricane sandy. in the white shirt facing you there, that's director of the office of emergency management, bob maloney. right now he is giving the mayor a breakdown of what's going on at this point. moments ago, the mayor got a briefing from the national weather service to learn the current path of sandy. ava in ocean city, being pummeled by the wind, was talking about the wind field. what we learned, what we are in for here is 36 hours of 45 mile-per-hour sustained winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. that is a long time to have winds that strong so that's why the heads of every agency here trying break it down and figure out what they need to do. the department of parks and rec. here, their job is tree removal,
could help because baltimore city league of women's voters is holding an event to talk about question 4 and question 6. the dream act and the marriageequality act that will take play 7 to 9 tonight at student union theater that will feature guests from both sides of the issue debating the stance with timeallowed for audience questions as well as answers. >>> a renewed push to get out and vote in maryland a broad group of leaders will be announcing new efforts to energize voters and make sure that people are registered by october 16th. that's the deadline. the goal is to register 25,000 new voters and this is from across the state. activities include door to door campaigns and high-profile voter registration and phone banking and informational mailings. the kick off is at 10:30 this morning in baltimore city. >>> the o's keep the incredible playoff run going. and this was the new news 3-2 win last night over the new york yankees. it's even and ties the series at a game each. and o's fans now we are headed to new york. charley crowson is live down at camden yards with more and charley pre
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